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Sleepy Snowmen

Sleepy Snowmen

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Spruce up your winter decor with these freaking adorable sock snowmen. They’re all ready for bed in their sad beige pj’s - a millennial staple. 

They make amazing gifts. Trust me, I’ve gifted tons

This is a limited collection so once they’re gone, they’re gone. 

Each one measures approx 7” tall. Some shorter, some taller. 

I don’t claim to have an abundance of allergy knowledge, but these are filled with rice. So if you’re sensitive to rice in any way, stay clear of these adorable (but deadly?) snowmen. 

If you’re local to Valparaiso, IN and would like to pick up your order, email me after you place your order and I’ll refund the shipping cost. Otherwise, they will be shipped in a Priority flat rate box. When your snowman arrives, he’ll be a little pancaked in the box, but not to worry - it’ll reshape back into all it’s chubby glory when you put it on a table. 

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If you're truly not happy with a product you recieve, email me and lets discuss a solution. As a general rule, I do not accept returns. BUT, I'm also a very reasonable person so... just shoot me an email.

If I do authorize a return, please understand that the return shipping cost will be on you. Again, I'm not Amazon. I'M SOOORRRYYY... ;)

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