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Did you know that I’m also a professional Interior Designer?? Well, now you do. 

I create spaces that are inspiring, functional and beautiful. Of course I follow trends and know my sh*t, but my main goal is to create beautiful spaces that are yours. I pride myself on being able to hear what is important to you and then incorporate those ideas into the design. A beautiful collaboration, if you will. 

Do you just need a little professional advice to get you ‘un-stuck’ on where to begin?

I got chu.

Would you like me to create a professional concept rendering so you can visualize the ideas in your head??

I GOT chu.

Need me to just do everything from furniture to finishes and help you bring your ideas to life??



The fine print:

The packages offered are for residential design services. I am also willing to do commercial design applications, but those will be taken on a case by case basis. Don’t be afraid to ask! I’ve been doing corporate, education and healthcare design for the past 8 years so, I ain’t scurred!

The services I offer are virtual. Technology has come a long way since Covid times, so it makes it really easy. This way, I’m also able to offer my services near and far! In order to accomplish this, I’ll need someone in your circle to measure and roughly sketch the space for me. If you purchase The Fab package and are local to me, I will be available to do site visits as well. It’ll really just depends on the complexity of the project. 

The pricing in each package includes a retainer of predetermined design time that is included. Depending on the project, we may not need to use all of the included hours. I will not be prorating the hours not used. However, if we go over the included time in the package you purchased, you will be billed $50/hr before any more work is completed on the project. 

Package pricing is per room. If you have an open concept space that includes more than 1 room, reach out to me and we can discuss the custom pricing for your project.

The services I provide are intellectual only. In order to actually bring the space to life, you’ll need to be a DIYer or you’ll need to hire a contractor. I will provide finish selections (The Fab Package only), but your contractor will need to figure out how much tile, flooring, paint, etc that you need for your space. 

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