The Story of L&T

The Story of L&T

One thing I love about Little & Tiny Designs is that my little business has grown through life’s stages along with me. It all started after I picked up a love for sewing. It was at the same time that I became pregnant with my son. We’ll call him ‘little’. I was sewing all kinds of baby related things for him. Blankets, an entire cloth diaper collection, baby carriers, tie dyeing burp cloths and baby clothing…the list goes on and on. So naturally, when I decided to finally make the plunge and sell my craft, I focused on baby and kid items. That evolved a bit into some home decor that just made me happy (my favorite are still the wrap scrap clocks), but everything was still aimed at a younger ‘parent’ demographic. Aka- people my age with young kids. 

I then took some time off for awhile because I really just needed a break. Life got chaotic for a while, but L&T took that time off with me. 

The next stage happened because, 2020. I was bored and I decided I wanted a Cricut. For some reason, I fought getting one for SO long. Now I had nothing but time, so I decided to learn something new. That started my need to design digital art and put them on shirts. Of course I also made a f*ck-ton of masks. I dusted off all my tie dyeing supplies and got back into that too, but with clothing. It felt great. The shop vibe shifted a bit with this new stage because my vibe had also changed. My kids were older, I was older and much more confident in my 30s than I ever was in my 20s. I decided to embrace my edge because, I am who I am and f*ck what anyone else thinks. 

So, the t-shirt biz got somewhat stale for me after about a year. So I took a break. Because I can. Now we’re in 2022 and I had an epiphany: what I do is art. It comes in many mediums, but it’s all art. I’m going to embrace the fact that my attention to certain mediums only lasts a season, then I need to (semi)master something new. That’s who I am as an artist. L&T is not going to be treated as a storefront with a bunch of each item available (for now at least). Instead, I’m going to create whatever I decide to do while I’m trying to master a craft, then I’m going to sell the pieces I make. I mean, what the heck am I going to do with 14 of the same thing because I had so many cool ideas on how to make it?? The only logical answer is to share my art. 

With all that being said, im also going to be pricing my items as if they’re art. Many of what I make, are one of a kind pieces. I will never be able to truly replicate a lot what I create just due to the organic nature of it.

I will take time to create ‘collections’ and then I will post the items in the collection for sale. More than likely, there will only be 1 of each item I post available to purchase.*  Another freaking awesome part about this stage is my daughter, we’ll call her ‘tiny’, is just as into arts and crafts as I am. Like, she’s already asked for my craft cabinet and I told her she can have it when I die. (True story, btw). She’ll be creating whenever she wants to and we’ll also list her art for sale. Anything that she makes and sells, she gets the profit. I plan on teaching her all the aspects of selling her items online too. You know, practical crap that can seem fun at times. 

You guys, I’m really pumped about this next stage. I feel like I’m finally figuring out the best way to balance my art, sharing my art, and still conducting every day life (with 5 kids now, btw), and I’m pumped! I’m nervous about charging ‘art’ prices but I feel that some of you die hards (hi mom!) may purchase something. Maybe start a collection. 

[….I actually felt like an artist typing that out….like, whoa….if anyone has a ‘collection’ of things I’ve made, that would be insane. Sorry mom, you don’t count on this one. Love you though!]

If you’re still reading at this point, you’re one of those die hards I’m talking about. And I am so grateful for you. I’m sure you’ve been around for awhile and I’m just so humbled. If you do order anything, use code OG22 to get a free vintage L&T item. Aka- I’m cleaning out my stock. Sorry if you hate it buuuuttt… well, this is awkward. 


*I do reserve the right to make similar pieces at any point but again, due to the organic nature of the art I create, no 2 will ever be exactly the same. 
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